Thursday, September 19, 2013


Die Klimazwiebel: The coming crisis of climate science?
The timing of the fifth assessment report falls into this critical juncture where a lot of momentum has built up in favour of the current modelling practices which now prove so elusive. While the IPCC tries to make last minute rhetorical adjustments in order to accommodate anomalies, some of its participants, looking beyond, already indicate that this institution may have run its course.
- Bishop Hill blog - Deben's doubtful stories
A bit of a car crash for Lord Deben this morning, claiming that Bangladesh is sinking beneath the waves and that refugees are already fleeing the delta
Trend That is Not A Trend: Rolling Stone Wildfire Article | Coyote Blog
Well what do you know? The number of fires and the acres burned in 2013 are not some sort of record high -- in fact they actually are the, respectively, lowest and second lowest numbers of the last 10 years. In fact, both the number of fires and the total acres burned are running a third below average.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds current climate models are 'unable to reproduce present or future climate accurately'
More problems for the models: An article published today in Nature says "a new player on the scene" called "internal lee waves" are "a player in ocean dynamics that may make an important contribution to deep-ocean mixing...Climate models that do not represent this mixing appropriately will be unable to reproduce present or future climate accurately." According to the article, current IPCC climate models do not include this deep-ocean mixing from lee waves, which "warrant serious consideration for inclusion in the next generation of climate models."

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'unable to reproduce present or future climate accurately'

How does one know if one has reproduced future climate accurately? And what definition of "climate" are they using?