Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Bill McKibben’s own university REJECTS divestment from fossil fuel companies |
President Ronald Liebowitz and the board of trustees chose not to support divestment from fossil fuels, according to the president’s official statement on divesting released Aug. 28.
Consensus denialism | Climate Etc.
Ross McKitrick sums up the IPCC ‘consensus’ science in this way:

   As the model-versus-reality discrepancy plays out, the last place you will learn about it will be in IPCC reports.

So who’s denying science? It doesn’t seem to be the ‘consensus deniers.’
Warming faith faces collapse. But here comes Suzuki, still prattling of doom | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Will The Age, which so glady published Suzuki’s trash, correct the record, or does being a warming alarmist give you a licence to mislead?
Polar Bear Blog – A Tale of Two Treelines
What is interesting is that these trees are actually a glimpse into the past. About 3500 years ago, the treeline extended over 200-300 kilometres north of its present location. Once the climate cooled, the treeline migrated south leaving a few holdouts along the way.

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