Tuesday, September 03, 2013


“Climate Change” Means Nowhere Near As Bad As The 1930s | Real Science
So the drought is nowhere near as bad as the 1930s when CO2 was very low, but the current drought is caused by “climate change.” What caused the 1930s drought? Climate stability?

I don’t know how much work it takes to generate industrial grade stupid like that.
64% Of The US Below Normal Temperature In 2013 | Real Science

Video about the emergency in Puno, Peru | Ice Age Now
It’s heart-breaking to see all of the dead animals, killed by the snow and cold.
Astounding discovery: World War II had low carbon footprint « JoNova
Just imagine we were taxing, trading and burying CO2 in holes in the ground (not to mention building masses of windmills and solar panels) but at the same time we didn’t know the major sinks and sources of CO2 emissions? Welcome to the post modern economy — where money is wasted on billion dollar scales every day.

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