Thursday, September 26, 2013


Did sceptics take part in the review? | The IPCC Report
After a quick look through the list, here are some names of sceptics (interpreted in a fairly broad sense as those who are known for being critical of the IPCC) who did take part in the review
EU governments start to recognize Kyoto cap-and-trade system has failed |
Even a dire warning from the IPCC this week will not do much to change this equation. European policy-makers may still believe in the seriousness of the problem, but they are starting to doubt the effectiveness of the solution.
Billionaire enviro Tom Steyer doesn’t attack Ken Cuccinelli on warming because climate NOT meaningful to Virginia voters |
So far, Steyer’s work in Virginia has focused more on painting Cuccinelli as corrupt than on climate change specifically.

Asked why the campaign hasn’t focused more directly on climate change, the issue that is at the center of his political work, Steyer said: “This is not the Yale-Harvard debating society. You have to talk to people in terms that are meaningful for them.”

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