Thursday, September 19, 2013


How Europe's Economy Is Being Devastated By Global Warming Orthodoxy - Forbes
With such factors beyond our control, it would be crazy to adopt energy policies that disrupt the economy and make millions of people worse off, in the vain hope of, say, taming the sun or changing the earth’s tilt.

What we probably can do is adapt to climate changes, as living things have adapted to all sorts of challenging circumstances through the ages. Meanwhile, we should unshackle economies and let them grow.
Twitter Chat: How is Climate Change Affecting You? | PBS NewsHour
Climate change and its effects are the subject of this week's #NewsHourChats. On Thursday, from 1 to 2 p.m., EDT, on the @NewsHour Twitter account we'll discuss the things we risk losing due to the climate change, the potential benefits, how climate change is affecting you, if at all, and what, if anything, can be done to reduce the effects of climate change.

Join the conversation by following @NewsHour on Twitter and tweeting using the #NewsHourChats or by watching online at the end of this post.
UN Climate Fund Head Prepares First Fundraising for Next Year - Bloomberg
Developed countries pledged $100 billion a year to the fund in 2011 to help poor countries cut their emissions and cope with climate change. So far donors have contributed $7.5 million to the GCF, which will be established over the next several years.
Study shows projected climate change in West Africa not likely to worsen malaria situation - environmentalresearchweb
Between these two extremes, the opposing impacts of warming temperature and increasing rainfall are likely to cancel each other, minimizing the impact on disease transmission along the transitional Sahel zone.

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