Monday, September 09, 2013


Obama signs on to three international climate pacts in three days | Grist
It might be time to send the president down under to try to talk some sense into Australia’s new government.
Draft of Synopsis of “Climate Models Fail!” | Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations
The new book by Bob Tisdale, Climate Models Fail illustrates and discusses how the climate models being used by the IPCC in their 5th Assessment Report have very limited value, because those models cannot simulate the critical variables of interest to the public and policymakers. Climate Models Fail provides model-data comparisons that show the models’ blatant flaws and presents peer-reviewed papers that are critical of climate models.
The Long Term Trend Towards Scientific Stupidity | Real Science
The first thing to note is that NSIDC starts their graph at the century maximum in 1979. In the early 1970s, sea ice was much less extensive than later in the decade. If NSIDC included the entire satellite record in their graph, it would look like a sine wave, not a straight line.

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