Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Warmists unhappy Obama omitted climate hysteria from UN speech |
President Obama was all but mum on climate change when he spoke at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. He mentioned “climate change” only once.
With hurricane lull...
[Revkin] With hurricane lull, hopefully won’t end up in “shock to trance” mode on coastal policy (as with energy policy).
Michael Mann claims Virginia GOP Guv candidate Cuccinelli lying about Climategate-related lawsuit — What’s the lie, Mike? |
What’s the falsehood, Mann-child?
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: WSJ Op-Ed: The media hail IPCC reports as definitive; Skepticism may be in order
[Donna Laframboise] The U.N. has charged the IPCC with weighing the evidence on climate change in an objective manner. The problem is that numerous IPCC personnel have ties to environmental groups, many of which raise funds by hyping the alleged dangers of climate change. This relationship raises a legitimate question about their objectivity.
The examples are legion.

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