Friday, September 13, 2013


18% More Record Lows Than Record Highs In The US In 2013 | Real Science
So far this year there have been 1,651 record daily minimum temperatures recorded at all 862 US HCN stations continuously active since 1930, compared to 1,394 record maximums.
Hiding Avian Mortality: Where ‘Green’ is Red (Part II: Wolfe Island) — MasterResource
While Altamont Pass operators have been hiding most of their wind turbine mortality with search intervals of 30–90 days (see Part I), the rest of North American wind farms hide mortality by using search areas that are far too small. By using only 50 meter search areas for their huge new turbines, the wind facility operators can easily hide over 90% of fatalities caused from turbine blade strikes.

The motive is obvious. The more avian bloodshed, the more public outcry. The more outcry, the less money for wind industry players. The more they hide the ecological devastation, the more they mute the outcry and maintain the flow of subsidies for wind power.
Articles: Beating the IPCC with Their Own Numbers
even if we give every advantage to the IPCC "consensus" that AGW is theory is correct and unquestioningly accept all their numbers, it still makes no sense at all to be imposing Australian style carbon taxes or European style emissions trading schemes. It just doesn't add up, even if we strictly use their numbers.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Bright future for Greenland: World's largest deposits of rare earth metals likely to be opened up for mining soon
Denmark's image as a green, anti-nuclear energy country, full of swivelling wind turbines, could according to the Danish weekly Weekendavisen soon change, if the autonomous Greenland government, as expected, decides to say yes to mining of Uranium and rare earth metals in the world's largest island.

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