Wednesday, September 18, 2013


India 1935 : 82 Inches Of Rain In Three Days | Real Science
India received more rain in three days in 1935, than Boulder has received in the last four years.
Arctic Ice Rapidly Growing | Real Science
Apparently the world’s leading experts were wrong
Climate Study: Evidence Leans Against Human-Caused Global Warming
Even if a future warming of 2°C occurs, the authors observe that though it "would cause geographically varied ecological responses, no evidence exists that those changes would be net harmful to the global environment or to human well-being" because the "current level of ~400 ppm" proves that "we still live in a CO2-starved world. Atmospheric levels 15 times greater existed during the Cambrian Period (about 550 million years ago) without known adverse effects."
Climate change: Denier article updated, still riddled with errors.
[Warmist Phil Plait, with help from Michael Mann] what we know is that in the Northern Hemisphere, the last 30 years (from 1983–2012) were certainly the warmest in the last 800 years and likely to be the warmest for the last 1,400 years. The updated AR5 report, due out very soon, confirms this.
...My own agenda is simply science. I would love for global warming to go away; it terrifies me.
Climate Change Spells Trouble for Anglers
"We've had to adjust our inventory since winter and ice fishing went away five years ago," McKenzie said.

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