Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Climate Scientists Face Crisis Over Global Warming Pause - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The IPCC's response has been to circle the wagons. To ensure it remains the sole authority on climate predictions, the panel plans not to publish the complete report for some time after the release of the summary and not even release transcripts from the negotiations in Stockholm.

This despite the IPCC's promise for more transparency after hair-raising mistakes in the last assessment report -- from 2007 -- emerged three years ago and tarnished the panel's credibility. One result of that scandal was a commitment to avoiding future conflicts of interest. Yet scientists who previously worked for environmental organizations still hold leading roles in the creation of the IPCC report. This includes at least two "coordinating lead authors" who are responsible for individual chapters of the report.
The Blackboard » The Pause: Leaked SPM.
If they do stick with the current wording, it is a horrible non-sensical jumble. I think the AR5 is supposed to be published any day now! Wait and see.
The Blackboard » Leaked Chapter 9 AR5: Musings.
I would not be surprised if the observations continue to remain in the lower half of the humongous spread for AR5 model trends.
IPCC: We Count on Lazy Reporters | Coyote Blog
The frustrating part is that the IPCC is running around saying they can't have a complete answer on this critical issue because it is so new. By "new" they mean a frequent skeptics' observation and criticism of climate models for over a decade that they have only recently been forced under duress to finally consider.

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