Thursday, September 19, 2013


A Realistic View of the Climate | Power Line
The number one antidote to the corrupt alarmist cabal is the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change. You can see the NIPCC’s latest product at the link. The NIPCC is uncorrupted by the billions in government dollars that fund climate alarmism–the whole point of alarmism, after all, is to justify increased government control over the economy. You should read the whole NIPCC report, but for starters, here is the summary of NIPCC’s findings
Australia shows us all the way by sacking its useless, pointless Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery – Telegraph Blogs
Flannery, in other words, is a green activist who, like many of his kind – see Bryony Worthington; Roger Harrabin, above – has learned how to play the political system very much to his advantage. It is utterly inconceivable that anyone in the free market would ever pay someone so effectively useless so much money to do so little work for a job so utterly pointless as the one Flannery had as A$180,000 a year (for a three day week) Climate Commissioner.
Climate politics: Congressman parrots climate change denial errors.
Most of the climate and environmental scientists I have read say that global warming on the scale and rate we’re seeing is catastrophic; only full-blown climate change deniers have made any claims that the benefits outweigh the harm.

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