Tuesday, September 24, 2013


1975 : Climatologists Wanted To Melt The North Pole – To Keep The Earth From Freezing | Real Science
Note that this super cold period from 1975 is now understood by climatologists to have been a super hot period, thanks to pioneering work done at Penn State University.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds misguided biofuel policies provide no benefit to the climate
Sep. 24, 2013 — Policymakers need to rethink the idea of promoting biofuels to protect the climate because the methods used to justify such policies are inherently flawed, according to a University of Michigan energy researcher.
Five critical questions for the IPCC | Climate Etc.
Update from the front lines: In the last month I’ve become a twitter afficionado (follow me @curryja). It is proving indispensible for updates these week regarding what is going on with the IPCC, MSM, etc.
1975 : Climate Scientists Needed a 400% Increase In Funding – To Model Global Cooling | Real Science

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