Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Joe Romm squeals like stuck pig over WaPo, NYTimes publishing anti-alarmist pieces | JunkScience.com
In a collective act of media irresponsibility, the New York Times and Washington Post have joined the Wall Street Journal in publishing “don’t worry, be happy” articles days before the big UN climate science report will say quite the opposite.
Schellnhuber: “Entire Complexity Of The Climate System Can Be Reduced To A Simple Linear Relationship.”
Part 3 below shows a whopper: Schellnhuber claiming that the complex, chaotic climate system can all be reduced down to a “simple linear relationship” with CO2 emissions.
$2 trillion a year cost to limit global warming | The Times
Politicians who dismiss the need for urgent action on climate change are like the South African leaders who contributed to thousands of unnecessary deaths by claiming that HIV did not cause Aids, a scientist has claimed.

Professor Nilay Shah, of Imperial College London, said that politicians such as Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia who has raised doubts about the science behind climate change, would be judged as harshly by future generations as those who questioned the medical evidence on Aids
GOP climate skeptics to hold hearing on climate science
[Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent] it seems possible we may see a display of climate skepticism, as the euphemism has it, at tomorrow’s hearing.

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