Friday, September 06, 2013


Talk, no change on Pacific climate change - NZ Politics news
Mr Key met with US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday, with climate change and the conflict in Syria topping their agenda.

The Pacific American Climate Fund she announced - along with $US4.5m over five years for a disaster preparedness and response programme in the Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia - reflect the islands' perilous existence.

"It's obvious when you fly in that it's very vulnerable to climate change, to sea level rise, you see as you fly into the airport sandbags from the last inundation that occurred," Mrs Jewell told New Zealand media.
Drought Helped Spark Syria's Civil War -- Is it One of Many Climate Wars to Come? | Connecting the Dots, Q&A, What Matters Today |
Moyers & Company’s John Light spoke with Francesco Femia, co-founder of the Center for Climate and Security — a think tank with an advisory board consisting of retired military commanders and international affairs experts — about how climate change serves as a “threat multiplier” in volatile regions such as Syria, Egypt and Pakistan, and what America’s role should be in a world in which climate change increasingly exacerbates — and causes — international crises.

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