Thursday, September 19, 2013


Armageddon Report No. 5. | Pointman's
The output organ of the propaganda machine, otherwise known as environmental journalism, is being disassembled worldwide by the bean counters and a new breed of journalist is scenting blood and rising up the career ladder at the expense of a now friendless IPCC. The ordinary person has no time at all for environmental scares and to top all their woes, the politicians have abandoned them in the political wilderness. All in all, the centre cannot hold.

There’s a very definite feeling in the air that the IPCC is having a final solitary drink in the last chance saloon, before riding out to be permanently swallowed up by the bad lands outside town. The previous report got torn to pieces by the skeptics and this one, judging by the commentary on leaks of it from various quarters, won’t fare much better. What is for certain is that it’ll be alarmist and after its publication, there’s going to be a huge battle with all sorts of people being extremely rude to each other in the nicest possible way, which I will also be doing but I have to confess in advance, not so nicely.
Earth Has More Sea Ice Than 1990 | Real Science
Planet Earth currently has 333,000 Manhattans of sea ice, which is more ice than on the same date in 1990. (Note that there was a small dip a few years ago which caused many leading scientists to become hysterical.)
Quote of the week | Climate Etc.
I can envisage an irony of history where climatology enters a period of crisis and loses its central place in public discourse about climate change, thus opening up discursive spaces for pragmatic options to deal with the problem. – Reiner Grundman

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