Friday, September 06, 2013


Climate Change's Silver Bullet? Our Interview With One Of The World's Top Geoengineering Scholars | ThinkProgress
[Clive Hamilton] And of course, the more the climate deniers persuade politicians that hurricanes and wildfires aren’t due to climate change, the less responsive authorities are likely to be and the more people will die, in effect. Eventually it will be impossible to continue to pretend that mitigation is not the first best option. It might take five years, it might take ten, let’s hope it doesn’t take twenty.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: 2013 Accumulated Cyclone Energy [ACE] is only 25% of normal; another 10 hurricane-free days will set a record
Tropical storm Gabrielle was the seventh Atlantic tropical cyclone this season, but no hurricanes have yet formed, which is unusual. Another 10 hurricane-free days would set a record.
Harper offers Obama climate plan to win Keystone approval - Politics - CBC News
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama formally proposing "joint action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector," if that is what's needed to gain approval of the Keystone XL pipeline through America's heartland, CBC News has learned.
Glenn Beck to NYT: Al Gore ‘saw me more as an enemy of America than Al Jazeera’
I thought that Al Gore saw me more as an enemy of America than Al Jazeera, which I found fascinating coming from the former vice president. Or maybe he doesn’t believe a word he says. He sold for twice the amount of what it was worth.
Capital Press | Larger national apple crop pressures Washington
WENATCHEE, Wash. — Record apple crops in New York and Michigan and increases in Canada and Mexico present the Washington apple industry with challenges for the 2013-2014 marketing season, industry sources say.

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