Friday, September 06, 2013


Here Comes the Story of No Hurricanes | Mother Jones
[English major Chris Mooney] How did the science get less certain?
Assessing the Role of Global Warming in Extreme Weather of 2012 -
it would have been interesting to see a study of a rare drop in extreme weather — the tornado drought of 2012 in the United States (which has continued in 2013) — in the context of climate change.
In Case You Missed It | Real Science
NOAA named another gust of wind last night (Gabrielle) right before it dissipated.

How long before they start putting out press releases about the very active hurricane season of 2013?
National Geographic Goes Full Criminal | Real Science
The largest Atlantic storm ever? Where do they find people to write garbage like that? How big was the 1780 Great Atlantic hurricane which killed 23,000 people? Hurricane Andrew had wind speeds 300% of Sandy.

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