Sunday, September 22, 2013


Germany’s Green Party Takes A Beating In National Elections – Climate, Fear No Longer Important Issues
With climate change losing importance in Germany as an issue and the Energiewende (transition to renewable energy) turning into a chaos that threatens the country’s economic stability, the Greens, who were polling near 16% earlier in the year, have since lost almost half of their voter base.
Alarmists’ zeal causes more climate scepticism « Australian Climate Madness
There is no middle ground, no room for debate. It’s black and white. So rather than be white (as defined by the Guardian and Skeptical Science) people choose black. In a vicious circle, the alarmists are helping to create the very enemy they then go on to demonise
Climate Countdown: T-Minus 5 | Power Line
Five more days until the next IPCC climate science report will be released. Not only will Power Line’s climate desk analyze the expected 2,000-page document, but we’ll also begin daily pre-coverage with a note about how the IPCC is apparently struggling mightily to explain why global temperatures have flattened out over the last 15 years.

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