Sunday, September 15, 2013


This Week’s Climate Embarrassment | Power Line
With two weeks to go until the slow rollout of the next IPCC climate science report begins, there’s a fresh embarrassment for the climateers from right inside their own camp: a Nature Climate Change article entitled “Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years.”
50:1, In Other Words, a Slam Dunk | Power Line
One of the greatest weaknesses of the climate campaign from the very beginning is that, even if the extreme warming forecast is correct, the long time horizon and the standard economic calculation of applying real world discount rates to future costs all pointed to the conclusion that it made much more sense to . . . do nothing right now. This is just one more reason why environmentalists are so hostile to economics; David Brower famously said that “economics is a form of brain damage.” (So just who’s “anti-science” now?)
Study: Battery storage won’t work for wind — more efficient to shut down turbines than to store energy |
CleanTechnica reports:

“It would actually be more energetically efficient to shut down a wind turbine than to store the surplus electricity it generates.”
Dennis Jensen would be a great science minister « JoNova
Dennis Jensen spoke out about the hype around global-warming as long ago as 2004, when there were almost no politicians (or anyone for that matter) daring to publicly mention any skeptical thoughts. It was so risky. What he said then is still largely true.

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