Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Why are some corals flourishing in a time of global warming?
"When you look at these gorgonian corals, it seems that they're increasing in abundance, and that's an anecdotal observation that many people have made," said UB geology professor Howard Lasker, one of three investigators heading the project. "Does this mean that as stony corals continue to decline, we're going to see reefs transforming into these gorgonian coral-dominated communities? That's what we're trying to find out."
EU Parliament urges more CO2 auction cash for CCS: draft - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Sept 10 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The EU should use cash raised from selling 600 million carbon permits from the third phase of its Emissions Trading Scheme (2013-2020) to help pay for plants that can bury CO2 emissions underground and other expensive clean energy technologies, according to a draft EU Parliament report published Tuesday.
Heiress environmentalist has big carbon footprint | Page Six
The stepdaughter of the late J. Paul Getty III, who has been a proponent of a vegan lifestyle and published a healthy-eating cookbook, is being honored Oct. 19 by the Environmental Media Association with a “green parent award.”...A glance at Getty’s ­Instagram feed flashes up numerous trips in private jets to places like Coachella and Big Bear Mountain, visits to places around the world and voyages on yachts around the Mediterranean.

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