Wednesday, September 18, 2013


AR5 – closer to the sceptic view. | ScottishSceptic
It turns out that in all but one area mentioned by Judith they have moved substantially in our direction. Which makes it all the more bizarre that they INCREASE their certainty that natural variation did not cause the 20th century warming.
Obama : Lowest Hurricane Frequency Of Any President | Real Science
Obama’s approval ratings are at historic lows, as well as his hurricanes.

Since Obama took office, the US has averaged 0.6 hurricane landfalls per year. This is the fewest hurricanes of any president since at least 1850. By contrast, Grover Cleveland’s presidency averaged more than five times as many hurricanes per year as Obama’s.
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@justintempler @GalileoMovement nice knowin' ya, Mr Weirdo anti science Wackos #blocked
Back to Back Record Lows Possible? « CBS Boston
While temperatures on average have been warming in recent decades, the urban heat island effect also makes it tougher for cities in particular to set record low temperatures.

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