Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Why we really do want to abolish solar power subsidies | Adam Smith Institute
[Warmist Tim Worstall gets something right] Abolish the subsidies now, wait until the prices comes down some more then install them when they are cost effective without subsidy.

What's not to like about this plan?
Climate change killed the woolly mammoth, researchers claim - Telegraph
“We found that a previous warm period some 120,000 years ago caused populations to decline and become fragmented, in line with what we would expect for cold-adapted species such as the woolly mammoth”, says Eleftheria Palkopoulou at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, lead author of the study.

But changes in the temperature, including a period of extreme cold which killed off the vegetation that made up their diet, once again began to threaten their number.
Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise | Climate Etc.
Recommendation: Scientific policy advice to governments, industry, or nongovernmental organizations should undergo peer review and should not be made from an advocacy perspective.
Why a watermelon tells you what's wrong with the climate debate | James Randerson | Environment |
one of the reasons the jibe is so persistent is that, if we're honest, there is a grain of truth to it – at least among some in the green movement and on the left.

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