Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Appeals to Authority | Coyote Blog
Global warming advocates thus have failed to learn how to really argue the science of their theory. In their echo chambers, they have all agreed that saying "the science is settled" over and over and then responding to criticism by saying "skeptics are just like tobacco lawyers and holocaust deniers and are paid off by oil companies" represents a sufficient argument.** Which means that in an actual debate, they can be surprisingly easy to rip to pieces. Which may be why most, taking Al Gore's lead, refuse to debate.
Can science fix climate change? | Climate Etc.
JC message to IPCC: Once you sort out the uncertainty in climate sensitivity estimates and fix your climate models, let us know. Then please do the hard work of understanding regional vulnerability to climate variability and change before you tell us what constitutes ’dangerous’ climate change. And let us know if you come up with any solutions to this ‘problem’ that aren’t worse than the potential problem itself.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: How the government claims almost everybody can have a 'green job'
Did you know that Obama takes credit for creating the 'green jobs' of Chiropractors, janitors, hair stylists, pharmacists, real estate agents, waiters, chauffeurs, child care workers, and legislators?

Under the Obama administration's very loose requirements for padding the numbers of 'green jobs,' any mechanic who learns how to install a low-flow toilet has by definition a 'green job.'
Carbon credit investors haven't made a penny: FCA - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Sept 25 (Reuters Point Carbon) – A survey by Britain’s financial watchdog of people who have bought carbon credits found that not one has made money, leading the agency to repeat warnings about firms using “dubious, high-pressure tactics” to peddle illiquid or near-worthless offsets.

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