Thursday, September 26, 2013


Global warming and Lee Harvey Oswald
[Joel Achenbach] The cause of this “pause” in the atmospheric warming is unknown
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: 'Political advocacy by climate scientists has damaged trust in the science'
Here's a sad tale of a Cornell professor who pocketed $35,000 from an anti-fracking political group in advance to provide research that 'claimed fracking could push the world over a tipping point and send world temperatures irreversibly higher." The research appears to be deliberately based upon obsolete data, and was subsequently discredited by many independent researchers.
Final verdict expected Friday: Humans caused global warming - NBC
An international panel of scientists is expected to issue a report Friday that dismisses nearly every doubt that human activity has caused temperatures to warm, glaciers to melt, and seas to bulge since the middle of last century. If greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise precipitously, the report will warn, there will be catastrophic consequences.

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