Thursday, September 05, 2013


Former senior EPA adviser to plead guilty in $900,000 pay fraud |
“This is a situation where one individual went to great lengths to deceive and defraud the U.S. government,” said EPA spokeswoman Alisha Johnson.
NASA offers new global-warming-in-one-chart graphic |
But NASA temps have been tampered with to eliminate lows.
Shock News : Claims Of The Warmest New Zealand Winter Are False | Real Science
Weather Underground has daily data for Wellington, NZ going back to July, 1996. Their entire data set is plotted below. Winters In New Zealand have been getting much colder, and this past winter was the third warmest after 2000 and 2005.
Temperatures In England Plummeting Over The Last Decade | Real Science
Over the last decade, temperatures in England have been dropping at a rate of more than 10ºC per century. Temperatures this year are almost 2ºC cooler than they were in 1779, and 1ºC cooler than the Little Ice Age year of 1666. George Monbiot is desperate to stop all this warming.
Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Records In August | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Sea ice in the Antarctic continues to set new records, with average extent in August the highest on record at 18.624 million sq km. The previous August high was 18.606 in 2010.

The daily figure for the 31st August was also a record, at 19.031 million sq km, beating the previous record of 18.967 in 2006.

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