Monday, September 16, 2013


Greenpeace says business should have ‘No Deniers Allowed’ policy |
What color star will deniers be forced to wear?
Actually, I hope I’m wrong about climate change | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Please let it be true that omitting the words “Climate Change” from the title of Environment Minister Greg Hunt really does signal a dialing back of this great scare that has destroyed our reason and hoovered our wallets.
Inter-decadal Variation in Northern Hemisphere sea ice | Climate Etc.
it is difficult to conclude much except that the earlier areal acceleration has changed to a deceleration, with the current rate of decline being about half that of the 1997-2007 period. This is clearly at odds with the suggestion that the region is dominated by a positive feedback.
You Have Got To Love Their Sense Of Humor | Real Science
Our friends started the fake “1,000 year” flood rumor which is all over the news, and now they want us to believe that they didn’t do it. Same plausible deniability story which happens with every unusual weather event – start a wildly exaggerated rumor, and then claim innocence.

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