Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Video: Fly Along With NASA's Cloud Hunters | Mother Jones
Scientists agree that before they can build the best models to predict climate change, they first have to understand clouds.
Our Society Is Living a Massive Lie About the Threat of Climate Change -- It's Time to Wake Up | Alternet
One particularly effective method of living in Climate Truth is joining or creating a climate-change book group.
Abbott vows to cut futile research | Perth Now
MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants for obscure research projects - such as the role of public art in climate change - will be scrapped or redirected to find cures for dementia and other diseases as part of a Coalition crackdown on government waste.
Canola Extends Longest Slump of Year as Record Canada Crop Seen - Businessweek
The anecdotal reports from various people are saying the yields are quite phenomenal
No Ice Melt In The Interior Of Greenland Over The Past Year | Real Science
Temperatures have not made it to the freezing mark at any time during the past year, near the center of the Greenland ice sheet.
No Change In Southern Greenland Temperatures For 80 Years | Real Science

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