Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Obama climate change plan gets first airing in front of House sceptics | Environment |
Republicans meanwhile accused Obama of trying to hide his climate agenda. Republicans charged Obama officials of ducking the hearing – despite the presence of two cabinet-level officials on Wednesday.

"Are you trying to hide something? Are you embarrassed by it, or you just don't care to respond to Congress?" said Texas Republican Joe Barton. "If the Obama administration has this great climate change programme, you should be able to answer in detail and in glowing terms," he said.
Tibetan glaciers are shrinking at their summits : Nature News & Comment
“The glaciers are virtually being decapitated from the top by a warming climate,” says Kang Shichang, a glaciologist at Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research in Beijing.
Facts About Mount Everest
Mount Everest has an extreme climate. The summit temperature never rises above freezing or 32° F (0° C). Its summit temperatures in January average -33° F (-36° C) and can drop to -76° F (-60° C). In July, the average summit temperature is -2° F (-19° C).

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