Saturday, September 21, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New IPCC report claims greenhouse gases caused 140% of warming since 1951
the IPCC is attributing 140% of the mean warming 1951-2010 to greenhouse gases, more than fully discounting any contribution from natural variability and natural forcing such as solar activity and solar amplification, ocean oscillations, global brightening, etc. Recent peer-reviewed papers have led Dr. Judith Curry to conclude "significantly MORE than half of the observed warming" is natural, not due to man-made greenhouse gases.
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If there is a war on coal, coal started it. #climate
Anti-Keystone XL protest draws sparse crowd in U.S. capital - The Globe and Mail
Only a few dozen anti-Keystone XL demonstrators showed up Saturday to Washington's Lincoln Park, a few blocks from the Capitol, for what was billed as the main location for a nationwide day of action against the controversial pipeline planning to funnel Canadian oil sands crude to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries.

“I’m disappointed, I hoped there would be more people,” said David Barrows, 66, who wore an anti-Keystone T-shift and carried a hand-painted sign calling it the “Kill Line.”
Warning Signs: Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed
I will never understand the kind of thinking behind a lie so big that it became an international fraud and swindle. I cannot understand why an international organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) operating under the umbrella of the United Nations, was permitted to issue reports of an imminent threat to the Earth, to mankind, that a freshman student of meteorology would know were false.

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