Saturday, September 21, 2013


The Palpable Politicization Of Science By Global Warming Alarmists - Forbes
Here is the bottom line: If we truly want public policies grounded on sound science, our best chance is to get government money out of the process. Science, like religion, is a search for truth (the main difference being that scientists are seeking physical truth whereas religionists often are more concerned with metaphysical truth). The U.S. has a well-established tradition of keeping church and state separate for the purpose of preventing religion from being corrupted by politics. That is as it should be. The contorted political shenanigans and, yes, corruptions, of climate science make it plain that it is now time to erect a wall of separation between science and state. Science is too important for us to allow it to be hijacked by political and economic special interests. It is time to remove federal funding from scientific research, liberate scientific research from political influence, get scientists off the federal gravy train, and let the market decide what scientific work is worthy of being funded. The statement, “we’re toast,” is far more likely to be true if politics dominates science than from using fossil fuels to improve our lives.
NZ Steel takes almost $5m in free credits - Carbon News
New Zealand Steel is once again the biggest recipient of free carbon credits, receiving nearly $5 million worth from the Government.
Cattle giant to cash in carbon credits - Yahoo!7
The Tipperary Group has become the first beef producer in Australia to earn carbon credits under the savanna burning carbon farming methodology.
‘Nature’ Spin Elevates Third-Tier IPCC Official to Chair | NoFrakkingConsensus
With attention focused on the IPCC’s imminent Working Group 1 report, a prestigious science journal has published a misleadingly-headlined profile of Working Group 3 co-chair, Ottmar Edenhofer.

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