Sunday, September 08, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Cooling cycles of oceans may ...
Cooling cycles of oceans may go PDO first, Indian Ocean second, Atlantic third. Warming starts in Pacific 20-30 yrs, In line with Dr Gray
Twitter / sunlorrie: Yeah, Wall Street’s global ...
Yeah, Wall Street’s global fraud in 2008 had nothing to do with it: Biggest threat to the global economy? The weather
Twitter / markpmcc: @icey_mark @SellaTheChemist ...
[retweeted by Gavin Schmidt; the article in question is this one by David Rose in the Daily Mail] @icey_mark @SellaTheChemist @ed_hawkins agree. There is need for good probing climate journalism. This is not it.
If Abbott is elected, Australia's natural wonders will gradually be rubbed away | George Monbiot | Comment is free |
If Abbott is elected, the natural wonders that distinguish this nation will gradually be rubbed away until it looks like anywhere else: a degraded landscape and seascape, supporting just a few generic exotic species.

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