Thursday, September 12, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - The end of Sternonomics?
In a really good article in the New York Times, Eduardo Porter explains the economic end of the global warming debate in terms that even the most rabid green could understand. His starting point is the competing estimates of the social cost of carbon
If he's right then it may be that sanity has broken out in Washington. The Americans are going to reject Sternonomics out of hand. How long before politicians in Westminster follow suit?
- Bishop Hill blog - Long-term trends in sea ice
I'm not sure talk of record lows can be seen as anything other than propaganda, for a data series that is so short.
Global Warming’s Missing Heat: Look Back In Anger (and considerable disbelief)… | Planet3.0
we know warming can’t have stopped
Ehrlich Wanted To Poison Africans In Order To Control His Own Neurosis | Real Science

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