Monday, September 02, 2013


Kerry: Climate Science 'Alarming', 'Irrefutable' — Naharnet
Hedegaard said that even though the Pacific islands were not responsible for climate change, they were willing to accept tough emissions targets, making it difficult for other nations not to follow suit.
Professors, politics and public policy | Climate Etc.
The stars of the Climategate saga never seemed to grasp why the emails mattered, even if they didn’t change the science one iota. Its about authenticity and trust.
Twitter / LFFriedman: IRENA DG Amin calls #unfccc ...
IRENA DG Amin calls #unfccc negotiations a "celebrity death match." Says "It's hard to conceive" of a climate pact happening any time soon."
When Science Communication Backfires | [Why not sell global warming by pretending that we're selling something else?]
What does this mean for an issue such as global warming? We need to dislodge the issue from the burden of its cultural baggage — as Kahan says, “[clean] up that environment once it has been contaminated with polarizing meanings.” And that’s where the scientists, teachers and journalists come in. As communicators, we can frame issues in ways that let people see them in a new light that is less threatening to their political predisposition. For example, we can discuss a move away from coal power plants in terms of the public health threats of emissions rather than climate change. And we can portray carbon taxes as a way to reduce the tax burden elsewhere while reducing the conflicts of land use and pollution associated with fracking for gas, drilling for oil and slicing off mountaintops for coal. In both cases, the climate would benefit even though it’s not the primary motivation for change.


Anonymous said...

Righttttt! Deceit is the best choice for a putz like your-self.

Your next step then is to enslave and sell us all into slavery and death.

Anonymous said...

Not "backfire." Backwards. They want to restrict people and to tax them. Global warming is a tool to get people to accept it. If global warming disappeared, they'd still want to restrict people and tax them more.