Monday, September 23, 2013


IPCC AR5 Admits They Have No Clue About the Arctic and the Antarctic | sunshine hours
“Most models simulate a small decreasing trend in Antarctic sea ice extent

Translation: None of the models got Antarctic Sea Ice right.
German government lobbied IPCC to delete mention of the 15-year ‘pause’ in warming |
Germany’s Federal Ministry of Research would prefer to leave any discussion of the global warming hiatus entirely out of the new IPCC report summary.
Der Spiegel Poll: Only 39% of Germans fear global warming — Down from 62% in 2006 |
A survey conducted on behalf of SPIEGEL found a dramatic shift in public opinion — Germans are losing their fear of climate change. While in 2006 a sizeable majority of 62 percent expressed a fear of global warning, that number has now become a minority of just 39 percent.
Great Moments in Predictions -- Al Gore's Ice Forecast | Coyote Blog
instead of completely melting away, the polar icecap is at now at its highest level for this time of year since 2006.

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