Saturday, September 21, 2013


Warming Gets Delayed Again…IPCC Scientist Mojib Latif: Pause “May Stubbornly Remain Until 2020 or 2025″!
Latif, who 10 years ago predicted Europe would hardly see snow and frost in the wintertime, now claims that he “isn’t at all surprised in any way by the warming hiatus”
Prophets Trenberth And Hansen Speak Of The Second Coming And The End Times | Real Science
The same people who ridicule Christians, also believe that the missing heat will someday return to the surface of the Earth, and it will be followed by Armageddon and the destruction of humanity.

Global warming is the stupidest religion yet.
Warmist Ed Miliband: I'm bringing socialism back to Britain - Telegraph
Ed Miliband has said he is "bringing back socialism" to Britain as he unveiled new plans to strengthen the minimum wage ahead of the Labour Party conference.
Flashback: Global warming lobby has got it completely wrong | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express
A former Labour chancellor called his party's 1983 manifesto "the longest suicide note in history". But it was nothing like as suicidal as the Climate Change Act foisted upon the country by Ed Miliband.

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