Thursday, September 05, 2013


U.S. Republicans: critical thinking on climate change | Climate Etc.
The U.S. Senate Republicans on the Environment and Public Works Committee have issued a Minority Report entitled Critical Thinking on Climate Change.

In case the Democrats are wondering why they are not making headway with climate/energy policy, this report pretty much lays it all out.
Paul Ehrlich to Congress in 1974: ‘If bad weather continues in the Midwest this year, and if the monsoon should fail this year in India, as it might, then I think you’re going to see the age of scarcity and many of the changes I’m talking about coming on next winter’ | Climate Depot
Analysis: People like Ehrlich and Holdren have made careers of being wrong and frightening people. Today Ehrlich bangs the drum for anthropogenic global warming, and Holdren helps the Obama administration mess things up in America and around the world.
Twitter / etzpcm: Discussion question from ...
Discussion question from @RogerPielkeJr "What makes experts today more believable by policy makers than @PaulREhrlich was then?"
Russia unlikely to deliver on climate change at G20
Syria crisis and economic growth likely to dominate St Petersberg summit as climate change drops off agenda

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