Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Virgin America falls below the industry average on fuel performance standards | Environment | theguardian.com
The Virgin entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, has been a leader on the environment, putting up a $25m (£16bn) prize to encourage new technologies that scrub carbon dioxide from the air, and supporting sustainable safari resorts in Africa.

But the US branch of Sir Richard's aviation empire, Virgin America, fell below the industry average on fuel performance standards, a new study of the US domestic air industry said on Tuesday.
Time to polish your snow shovel... The weather forecast has been delivered and it's predicting a BITTER COLD winter. But is the country's oldest periodical right this time? | Mail Online
Cause of chaos: A drop in solar activity and a change in ocean patterns will be the cause of the extreme temperatures, according to the periodical
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Spencer shows why Hayhoe's belief in catastrophic man-made global warming is wrong
While Hayhoe and Ackerman insist that their belief in dangerous manmade climate change is a matter not of faith but of sight—of scientific evidence—we are convinced that it is precisely the opposite. Why? Because the observational (scientific) evidence conflicts with it.
86% Of Swiss Glaciers Were Retreating In The Year 1900 | Real Science
CO2 was below 300 PPM in 1900, and 86% of Swiss glaciers were retreating. Hansen says that we can stop glacial retreat by returning to 350 PPM, which is a number he pulled out from where the sun never shines.

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