Tuesday, September 24, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - Harrabin cites Marcott
It's hard to imagine a more thoroughly discredited scientific result than the Marcott graph, which must rank amongst climatology's most shameful moments. Nevertheless, the BBC's Roger Harrabin has given it the full-page treatment in his latest piece on the IPCC, as eye-candy to go alongside an interview of Rajendra Pachauri.
David Suzuki bombs on Q&A, knows nothing about the climate « JoNova
David Suzuki’s performance on Q&A last night was extraordinary. I was knock-me-over amazed that he has not heard of UAH, GISS, HADcrut and RSS, and knew nothing of the pause in global surface temperatures that even the UK Met Office and IPCC lead author climate scientists like Hans von Storch are discussing.

How afraid is Suzuki about man-made global warming? So afraid, it doesn’t occur to him to check the data, incredibly he doesn’t even know what the data is. Tony Jones had to rephrase the questions to explain them to Suzuki, who doesn’t even understand them.
Quadrant Online - Flannery & Co's clairvoyant Climate Council
What a happy coincidence Flannery & Co just happened to have the domain name set up and ready roll before all those spontaneous, grass-roots messages and donations flooded in.
David Suzuki proves he’s pig ignorant about global warming | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
How in God’s name could people take this man seriously?
The Reference Frame: Leaked IPCC report, summary, June 2013 version
It seems clear to me that the "new people" who were writing this summary are far less radical and committed to "the cause" than their counterparts in the previous IPCC reports. David Suzuki said that the writers were "ultra conservative" which is an insane exaggeration by this Level 10 Maggot but the core of the claim is true. The summary has always been the more concentrated, more activist screed. But correct me if I am wrong, this summary is weaker than tea and shows absolutely nothing that should be a reason for co

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