Thursday, September 12, 2013


Vikings have the most fun: U.N. says Danes are the happiest people on the planet | Grist
And Sommerville has another secret, too — one that I suspect a lot of other Danes share: Come the dark season, he high-tails it south and sets up shop in Singapore. Nothing takes away the winter blues and keeps the dopamine flowing like a couple of months in the tropics, kicking it in the sun with a frosty, umbrella-bedecked beverage.
Environmentalism: The Road To A Primitive Existence With No Energy -
As the loss of power in Britain illustrates, the roads of environmentalism lead to a more primitive existence and lower standard of living. It's not about a cleaner world but a reversal of the gains made by capitalism.
Bill Nye, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant, warms up the dance floor - Patrick Gavin -
Nye says his concern over the earth’s climate has been renewed by the flooding in Colorado.

“And that’s just today! You just wait until it starts snowing in the mountains above San Francisco. After all these fires, it is going to be erosion, a no-water-in-the-reservoir mess. These are all the very beginning of climate change problems.”
Green Tories launch fightback against climate sceptics | Politics | The Guardian
Tory campaigners on climate change are embarking on a fightback against sceptics on the right of the party who have tried to "smother" debate in recent months, according to party sources.

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