Friday, September 06, 2013


European Commission limbers up for long fight over new climate targets | Carbon Brief
Some member states want no targets at all
Twitter / clim8resistance: The Aus election is the first ...
The Aus election is the first democratic test of climate policies anywhere.
Watch: How Climate Change Became the "Killing Fields" of Australian Politics | Mother Jones
In an extraordinary couple of years of drama in Canberra, the usually sedate (read: dull) capital, three leaders—including two sitting prime ministers—have been toppled and replaced by their own parties, partly due to disagreements over climate change.

Saturday's national election, if we're to believe the opposition's rhetoric, will be a referendum on the future of the carbon tax that was introduced by the Labor Party that has been in power for the last six years. Tony Abbott, the head of the conservative opposition is leading opinion polls. In the likely scenario he wins, he has promised to repeal the carbon pricing legislation.
Majuro declaration on climate change will determine every child's future | Kelly Rigg | Environment |
The idea of a phase down makes clear that in the long run we need to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution altogether.

This implies that we must stop investing in the development of new sources of fossil fuels...

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Anonymous said...

"It demonstrates that many Pacific Island states already have ambitious plans to transition away from fossil fuels, and calls on others around the world to follow their lead."

We should grant their wish, and stop exporting food to the signatories.