Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Climate’s big PR problem - The Globe and Mail
When it comes to the intricacies of climate change, the science is notoriously unsettled. The only consensus that exists is the well-established fact that human activity is contributing to global warming. Beyond that, it’s all hypothesis and speculation. Climate change is for real – but its magnitude and impacts are riddled with uncertainty. There is no consensus on how much and how fast the Earth will warm up, or what will happen to sea levels, storms, polar ice and all the rest, or what the overall impact will be on the planet. And when it comes to what all this may mean for your grandchildren, the certainty goes down to zero.

Global warming’s credibility problem is not the deniers’ and the skeptics’ fault. It’s the fault of activist scientists, Al Gore, and the IPCC. They’ve cried wolf too much. They’ve vastly overstated what the science “says,” and treated anybody who is the least bit doubtful as the enemy.
Media Ignore Good Global Warming News
[Breitbart] Arctic ice and global temperatures were once big national news, at least when the trends moved the other way. Thus far, though, the media don't seem too interested in the latest science on these very same topics.

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