Friday, September 27, 2013


Global warming debate: Is this evidence all those green taxes are cash down the drain? | Mail Online
some scientists insist global warming remains pressing threat
BBC entrenches in its climate change propagandist role | Autonomous Mind
The only word to describe the BBC’s reporting is propaganda. It is the only description, given the amount of time they have devoted to the Climate Change on that one programme alone today, and their selection of a procession of interviewees who are all paid for members of the climate change alarmist community, reliant on maintaining the narrative and the funds continuing to flow from our pockets into theirs.

There has been no balance whatsover. Only fleeting references to scepticism were made, without any explanation of the arguments underpinning their argument. They were quickly dismissed with carefully selected words deployed to give the impression that scepticism is just the preserve of a tiny minority, while suggesting the evidence they have provided that discredits the alarmist position is trivial in nature – as if the sceptics were merely nit picking.
Our obsession with cows is causing almost 10% of global warming emissions - Quartz
If we’re going to tackle climate change, we might want to start by addressing the world’s inability to wean itself off cows.

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