Friday, September 06, 2013


Jaxa Version 2 – Make The Low Even Lower (and the Great Big Con continues) | sunshine hours
Guess what the following graph shows? It makes the minimum dramatically lower (400,000 sq km lower) and the maximum higher so the minimum looks even worse when graphed.
JAXA timing worst ever – switching Arctic Sea Ice software, right as the minimum is about to happen | Watts Up With That?
They say timing is everything, and this timing couldn’t be more wrong. You”d think they would have waited until after the minimum had been recorded, so that there would be no questions or issues with the timing. But for some reason, JAXA has decided that now is the opportune time, right when everyone is watching
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Video: : No slow down in climate change
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NONSENSE — GLOBAL WARMING’S CONSEQUENCES MUST ALL BE BAD, BY DEFINITION: Could Global Warming Reduce the Threat Posed by Atlantic Hurricanes? Also, we were promised an endless array of Katrinas.

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