Wednesday, September 04, 2013


The Price You Pay — The Patriot Post
[Bastardi] Face reality. People have no idea how bad the weather was in the 30s, 40s and 50s, and it does us no good to see it downplayed. In fact, the whole climate debate has distorted people's opinion to the point they actually believe the weather is never supposed to be bad. The climatic ambulance chasing of each major weather event -- which may never have been reported before -- is driving the belief that the weather now is far worse than it ever was. That is nonsense, and it's starting to hurt in unintended ways. People think there should never be a hurricane or a tornado. Newsflash: This is not the Garden of Eden.
More settled science: The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is 20 million years older than thought | Watts Up With That?
The findings indicate that ice sheets first grew on the West Antarctic subcontinent at the start of a global transition from warm greenhouse conditions to a cool icehouse climate 34 million years ago.
» VIEWPOINT: Wildfires Pose A Major Threat To Our Clean Water
[Warmist Tom Steyer] 2013 is already a huge wildfire year; and it may become a record year after a series of very bad wildfire years.

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