Monday, September 23, 2013


Global 'cooling': how will the IPCC explain 15-year warming hiatus?
“The deniers are saying we’ve obviously got the theory wrong, because greenhouse gases are still increasing – which they are, at a rapid rate – so why isn’t the temperature responding?” Bob Watson told RTCC.
He adds that he received an email from climate expert Dr. John Harte contextualising the problem: “Suppose you had been told for many years that drinking a small amount of a pesticide would result in a probability of consequent death that was somewhere in the interval 15% – 75%.

“If tomorrow you were told the actual range is 10% – 75% would you be any more likely to take a swig?”
BBC News - Five key questions about climate facing the IPCC
Many sceptical voices are also calling for changes.

Marcel Crok says the whole process of the IPCC is bad for the scientific principle of open argument.

"It is not designed to answer questions because the whole IPCC process, the whole consensus-building process, is choking the openness of the scientific debate," he explained.
Why the World Bank is Taking on Climate Change
If you had a life-threatening illness and there was near unanimous consensus among doctors about the cause, what would you do?

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