Monday, September 30, 2013


1825 Fire New Brunswick Fire Killed Almost Everything In 2,500,000 Acres | Real Science
Barack Obama hopes to restore the climate to the kinder, gentler days of times past, when fires were cooler and less intense.
Warmist: ‘Sea level rise is one of the most visible effects of climate change’ — Really? At 0.1 inches per year? |

IPCC’s pause ‘logic’ | Climate Etc.
they seem to have eliminated high CO2 sensitivity as a problem
Al Gore at Chicago Department of Aviation Airports Going Green Conference
CHICAGO, September 27, 2013 --The Chicago Department of Aviation is pleased to announce that Airports Going Green Conference attendees will receive a personalized, video address from former Vice President and leading advocate for global change, Al Gore.
Corn Slumps to Three-Year Low on Rising Inventory; Soybeans Drop - Businessweek
Corn futures plunged to a three-year low after the U.S. Department of Agriculture boosted its inventory estimate by 25 percent. Soybeans dropped the most in six months as supplies topped analyst estimates by 11 percent.

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USDA has an inventory of corn . . . wait . . . what?