Friday, September 20, 2013


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“Benefits” of : Higher gas prices, dirty weather, and $100 billion/year in social costs. Worth it?
The GOP’s hyped-up climate meeting was kind of a bust -
The first sign that things weren’t going exactly as planned was that, of the 13 heads of federal agencies invited, only EPA administrator Gina McCarthy and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz attended. Whitfield was a little ticked off by this: “Eleven agencies requested to testify — twice, I might add — did not provide a witness or submit information about agency activity to the subcommittee. That does not send a positive message for increased public understanding of what this administration is doing on an economically consequential matter,” he said.
The Known Knowns of Climate Change by Stefan Rahmstorf - Project Syndicate
before millions of people are submerged, many will be struck by extreme weather events
Lake Superior levels only one inch below average, cold weather to thank
this year's cooler water and air temperatures coupled with longer ice cover in the spring have helped boost Lake Superior's levels to its current point.

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