Tuesday, September 03, 2013


The Obama Green Failure Train Rolls on With Ecotality | National Legal and Policy Center
But performance is never something that has mattered to DOE – at least not until after it has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on losers like Solyndra, Abound Solar, Fisker, Vehicle Production Group, A123 Systems, Ecotality and others. DOE only acted to stop the flow of funds after it was too late. None of the above showed any reason – experience, success, compelling technology, etc. – why they should have received venture capital in the first place.
Solar Panels Growing Hazard for Firefighters | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Firefighters battling the massive 11-alarm blaze at the Dietz & Watson distribution center in South Jersey faced an unlikely foe during the fight -- solar panels.

A solar array with more than 7,000 photovoltaic panels lined the roof of the nearly 300,000 square-foot refrigeration facility which served as a temporary storage center for the company’s deli meats and cheeses. But the panels, while environmentally sustainable and cost-saving, may have led to the complete destruction of the warehouse.
Germany’s Green Party Wants To Ban Car-Driving On Weekends, And Legalize Incest!
German daily Die Welt writes that one of the leaders of Germany’s influential Green Party is now calling for a ban of car driving in Germany on weekends.
Moving on up in the oil patch — High Country News
the energy fields may be the last bastion, however imperfect, of the American Dream.

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