Wednesday, September 04, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Report: Rising oil & gas production is adding $1,200 per year in discretionary income to average US family
Finally, the warmist claim that climate skeptics benefit from the oil industry finally has some merit! lol
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds natural ocean oscillations explain southwest US drought & half of the warming of the latter 20th century
A paper published today in Climate Dynamics finds the natural Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation (AMO) was responsible for half of the warming of the Southwestern US during the late 20th century.
Wind Turbines: 39,000,000 Dead Birds and Bats Per Year in USA | sunshine hours
“As Paul Driessen, Mark Duchamp and others have concluded, based on careful bird and bat mortality studies in Spain and Germany, it is highly likely that the 40,000 US wind turbines are killing between 13 and 39 million birds and bats every year – including hundreds of bald and golden eagles, thousands of hawks, falcons, owls and other raptors, and dozens of extremely rare whooping cranes!”
A real hole near the pole | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis
Relatively cool conditions over the central Arctic Ocean continued, a pattern that has characterized this summer. Temperatures at the 925 hPa level in the high Arctic (north of Greenland to the North Pole) were 0.5 to 3 degrees Celsius (1 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit) below the 1981 to 2010 average.
Chicken Little Climate Science | The Resilient Earth
From these examples of fanatical belief in bad science, it is obvious that we've been here before when it comes to the science of predicting disaster. Forty years ago it was over population, today it is climate change. The self-delusional prophets of doom just move from one false catastrophe to the next, never admitting error; always 100% convinced that they are saving humanity from itself. The best thing that a rational human can do is not jump off the cliff with them. Sooner or later nature will prove them wrong, but not to worry—they will always find a new catastrophe to hype.

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