Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Red River College’s solar troughs to face harsh Manitoba winter | Metro
Rob Spewak, research manager at RRC, said the project is cutting edge because these solar troughs have not been tested in a cold climate.
“What’s going to happen, how much heat are you going to generate when it’s -40 C [and the troughs are filled with snow?], are the troughs going to lose focus, do the components hold up during our harsh winter — there’s a lot of different things at play.” 
Opponents Ramp Up Fight Against Obama's Climate Change Plan | RealClearPolitics
If all else fails, Republicans can try to bludgeon Democrats with the issue in the 2014 elections. After all, a slew of Democrats who backed cap-and-trade emissions legislation lost their seats in 2010, helping Republicans seize the House.
A Few Words From a Climate Change 'Denier' - TheStreet
For me at least, my skepticism is accompanied by irritation with the politicians who are using "global warming" as a scare tactic in order to influence our behavior. Some have turned it into a de facto religion, and it has backfired on them. The chicken little routine has simply not been effective.

If indeed, global warming is a myth, as I believe it is, I'd look at one of the industries hardest hit by new regulations that are primarily from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Daily Kos: Will House wackos let NRCC get away with saying they aren't all 'crazy climate deniers'?
"Climate policy will play a major role in the campaign in specific areas," said Jordan Davis, policy director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
"It's not so much about the climate science," Davis said. "We have a lot of members in our caucus who are not crazy climate deniers. It's about the policy."

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papertiger said...

I say Jordan Davis, policy director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, has just proven he is not competent to direct policy for National Republicans.
The operative phrase in the highlighted declaration is
"We have a lot of members in our caucus..."

Everything else Davis said was kissing up to Daily Kossacks. Why would a fully functioning thinking person do that?

At this stage in the game, if a member of congress or unelected party officer still claims belief in global warming, they're in on the take.

This Davis guy probably had a hand in sticking us with Carly Fiorina to run against Babs Boxer. And so in an election year, when the GOP took back the house on the strength of calling out the global warming fraud, when Babs was spouting all sorts of climate stupidities with poll numbers to match, the NRCC pulls a newbie AGW squish to toss in the ring.

Effin stupid beyond belief.

Get rid of Jordan Davis now.

Can't afford his baggage.
Check his back account first.